About Digital Toolbelt

Welcome to the Digital Toolbelt blog! In this blog we will talk about all aspects of test and measurement and the topic of Power Quality. As this field is quite broad, our posts will range from how to apply a test-lead or current clamp to the theoretical background of harmonic phenomena. We hope that this blog can contribute to all those who work in the test and measurement industry and the field of Power Quality — independent of specific application or knowledge level.

So who’s contributing to this blog? We are enthusiastic engineers working in test and measurement technical support, product development and product planning. Also, recognized experts in the field of power quality will contribute to this blog.

As for the topics on this blog, we sincerely hope that your reactions on our initial blog posts will give us the fuel for new topics to discuss — all with the aim of helping you improve any of your test and measurement applications.

Please feel free to read the blogs, watch our videos and leave your comments!

The Digital Toolbelt Team

Introducing Eric van Riet, Frank Healy, Gerard Grashof, Karol Bielecki, Henk ter Harmsel and Mark Bakker.