Upgrading firmware of your power quality analyzer
Upgrading firmware of your power quality analyzer

As with your smartphone apps, you need to be sure you’ve updated your Fluke power quality analyzers and loggers with the latest software as well as (and especially) firmware.

Feedback from our helpdesk indicates that over 50% (!) of incoming requests for technical assistance are solved by just upgrading to the latest software or firmware version.

If you experience problems with our loggers, your first step is to update the firmware. And besides bug fixes or improvements, we sometimes add new and useful features to our instruments using new firmware releases. So, it is essential to keep your equipment up to date with the latest versions…. how difficult or time consuming can it be?

How to do it

Upgrading firmware for our latest power quality analyzers (Fluke 173X series) and power quality loggers (Fluke 174X series) should be easy;

  • First, download the latest upgrade file from our website (‘support’ tab and then ‘software downloads’) and store it on a USB stick in a dedicated folder named Fluke 173X or Fluke 174X. Then, plug the USB stick into the logger as shown in the image.
  • Connect the instrument to the PC running the Fluke Energy Analyze software.
  • A firmware update deletes all measurement data. So, don’t forget to save your logged data onto your computer!
  • Access the instrument setup menu, select ‘upgrade’, and follow the instructions.
  • The update itself takes about 5 minutes, and the Start/Stop LED will indicate progress and status (as mentioned in the user manual).

….and that’s all!

The complete process should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes, and can save you a lot of hassle. It can also bring useful additional, new features. That can mean a high Return on Investment for your 15 minutes!

So, are you using the latest software and firmware versions for your instruments or do you need to update them?


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